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Keep Your Pool Crystal Clear with Focus Ultrasheen Clarifier

As pool owners, we all know how important it is to maintain a sparkling clean swimming pool. Introducing the Focus Ultrasheen Clarifier, the ultimate solution to keep your pool water crystal clear and inviting.

Why Choose Focus Ultrasheen Clarifier?

This easy-to-use clarifier is packed with concentrated water-clearing chemicals designed to clump tiny particles together, allowing them to be easily filtered out. Here's why the Focus Ultrasheen Clarifier stands out:


  • Fast-acting, highly concentrated formula: Quickly works to clean your pool water.

  • One-off dose sachet for convenience: Simply use one sachet for hassle-free maintenance.

  • Effective in clumping micro waste together for easy filtration: Ensures all tiny particles are removed efficiently.

  • Helps prevent cloudy water and ensures a hygienic swimming environment: Keeps your pool looking and feeling clean.


  • Eliminates microwaste like oils, sunblock, and bacteria: Keeps the water safe and hygienic.

  • Safeguards swimmers and pool equipment: Protects both your loved ones and your pool's hardware.

  • Reduces the need for frequent backwashing: Saves on water and maintenance costs, making it an economical choice.

Usage: Simply pour the Focus Ultrasheen Clarifier into your skimmer and let it work its magic. You'll notice a significant improvement in the clarity of your pool water, ensuring a refreshing and clean swimming experience.

Shop Online or In-Store

You can conveniently purchase the Focus Ultrasheen Clarifier online at The Pool Shop Group's website. For those preparing their pool for the off-season, consider our Winteriser Bundle Pack available here.

Prefer shopping in person? Visit any of our locations in Mundaring, Floreat, or Kalamunda to pick up your Focus Ultrasheen Clarifier and other pool maintenance essentials.

Mobile Express Service Promotion

We're excited to announce our new Mobile Express Service promotion! Our team can come to you, providing expert advice and services to keep your pool in top condition. This is just one more way we’re making pool maintenance easier and more convenient for you.

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