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Take peace of mind to the next level and avail our subscription services designed to take care of your pool by maintaining it year-round. Let us do the work and you enjoy the margaritas while taking a dip in the summer or enjoying the view of your pool from your lounge window during winter. 

Types of Subscriptions

We have three subscription services, one being year-round and the other two cover the Spring & Summer and Autumn & Winter seasons.

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Summer Pool Party
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12 Month Subscription

Summer Subscription

Winter Subscription

Employ year round maintenance of your pool so that you can enjoy time in or around the pool with family and friends. 

This subscription is unique, why? Well, during each season, your pool requires a different level of care and maintenance. We adjust our services accordingly, keep it cost efficient for our customers.​

We will do the work so you can enjoy the mimosas poolside. Our team of experts will visit your property at their scheduled time to ensure your pool is pristine and ready for a dip day or night. 


Subscription is based on a 6 month commitment.  

Winter season is when most pools are neglected and it is due to this neglect, come spring time pool owners are faced with a hefty cleaning fee. It is also during the winter months that can lead to pipe clogging and degradation of equipment. 

Our team of experts will help help you save hundreds of dollars and keep your pool clean and healthy for the environment. 

How to care for your swimming pool in winter

The harsh elements of winter can really take their toll on different parts of the home and the backyard pool is no exception. lists 10 reasons why you should keep your pool maintained during winter. 

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