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Commercial Pool Service

Rely on The Pool Shop Group's dedicated year-round Commercial Pool Service for businesses and stratas. Our expert team is committed to maintaining a safe and inviting aquatic environment, ensuring the satisfaction of all pool-goers. With meticulous care and timely interventions, we guarantee your commercial pool remains a standout feature, ready for use, every day of the year.

Commercial Pool Service

Take the hassle and worry out of looking after your pool or spa by enlisting the help of our convenient mobile pool service.


The Pool Shop Group has fully equipped mobile units available for installations, cleaning, maintenance and repairs. At The Pool Shop Group every member of our team receives quality industry training, so you can rest assured your equipment is correctly installed to manufacturer and industry standards.

There are many reasons why a comprehensive report on the condition of your pool or spa could be of value. These include The identification of issues before an agreement to purchase a property. We can provide a comprehensive report on the condition of the swimming pool, equipment and fencing before your clients finalise the purchase offer. Assistance with dispute resolution at the end of a tenancy. We can provide a comprehensive report before tenants move in.

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