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Say Goodbye to Pool Debris with Aussie Gold Pool Solutions Leaf Bagger

Keeping your pool pristine shouldn't be a hassle, especially when faced with stubborn leaf debris that traditional suction cleaners struggle to tackle. Enter Aussie Gold Pool Solutions' Leaf Bagger—a game-changer in pool maintenance designed to effortlessly rid your pool of leaves and large debris, leaving you with sparkling clean water to enjoy all season long.

Here's why the Aussie Gold Pool Solutions Leaf Bagger deserves a spot in your pool cleaning arsenal:

1. Efficient Garden Hose Operation: Say goodbye to complicated setups and bulky equipment. The Leaf Bagger operates seamlessly with a garden hose connection, harnessing the power of water pressure to create a venturi suction that swiftly picks up debris.

2. Venturi Effect for Maximum Suction: Powered by the venturi effect, this vacuum head creates a powerful suction force, ensuring no leaf or debris is left behind. It's the ultimate solution for tackling even the toughest pool messes with ease.

3. Large Filter Collection Bag: No more constant emptying of small debris compartments. The Leaf Bagger features a spacious filter collection bag, allowing you to clean larger areas of your pool without interruption.

4. Perfect for Leaf Debris: Designed specifically to handle leaf debris, this vacuum head effortlessly captures leaves of all sizes, ensuring your pool remains free from unsightly clutter.

5. Easy Manoeuvrability with Glide Wheels: Navigating your pool's floor has never been smoother. The Leaf Bagger is equipped with easy-glide wheels, enabling swift and effortless movement as you guide it around your pool.

6. Compatible with Standard Pool Poles: No need for specialised equipment. The Leaf Bagger easily connects to a standard pool pole, providing you with convenience and versatility in your cleaning routine.

7. Brush Bristles for Enhanced Cleaning: Stubborn dirt and algae don't stand a chance. The Leaf Bagger features brush bristles that scrub away grime, leaving your pool surfaces sparkling clean.


Whether you have an above-ground pool with small skimmer baskets or a pool with limited pump capacity, the Aussie Gold Pool Solutions Leaf Bagger is your go-to solution for efficient and thorough pool cleaning. Say hello to hassle-free maintenance and enjoy more time splashing in crystal-clear water.

You can purchase this product online by clicking here or in-store at any of our locations.

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