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The Leaf Bagger, is the ultimate solution for tackling heavy leaf debris in your pool. Designed to connect effortlessly to a standard telepole, this vacuum head is perfect for above-ground pools or those with a small skimmer. Powered by a garden hose, it creates a powerful venturi effect, sucking up leaves and large debris and collecting them in its spacious filter bag. With easy glide wheels and compatibility with standard pool poles, cleaning your pool has never been easier. Say goodbye to unsightly debris and enjoy a sparkling clean pool all season long.


  • Connects to a standard telepole for easy use
  • Ideal for above ground pools or pools with a small skimmer
  • Operates with a garden hose, creating a powerful venturi effect
  • Effectively picks up leaves and large debris
  • Spacious filter collection bag for convenient cleaning
  • Easy glide wheels for effortless maneuverability
  • Compatible with standard pool poles for versatility in use


Aussie Gold Leaf Bagger

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