Spare Parts

Pump Baskets

Your local Pool Shop store has a vast range of pump baskets. Bring yours down and we will match it up for you. Even a slight split in your basket will allow debris and rubbish through into the pump mechanism. This can jam the impellor or cause serious damage to the inner mechanism of the pump.

Skimmer Baskets

As the first line of defense against debris and rubbish getting through to your equipment, it is vital that your skimmer basket is free of splits or damage. Even the smallest bit of rubbish that gets through to the pump can cause hundreds of dollars of damage to your equipment. The Pool Shop Group carry most brands and models of skimmer basket available. If on the odd chance we don’t stock your model, we will endeavor to source the correct one for you.

Gaskets and Seals

All our stores carry a great range of gaskets and seals to suit all forms of pool equipment. If you are not sure of what needs replacing, come down to your local Pool Shop store with a photo or description of what the issue is and we will usually have the remedy for you in store. Either do it yourself or get one of our friendly technicians to come out and install it for you.