Non Chlorine Sanitisers

Hydroxypure Systmes

Pool water so pure, its like taking a swim in a natural spring

Hydroxypure sanitisation is based on the Advance Oxidation Process. (AOP), which combines Perox, a chlorine free sanitiser (H2O2) and hybrid ozone (O3) to enhance the sanitisation process.
Hydroxypure = H2O2 + O3
The Advance Oxidation Process has the superior ability to remove bacterial threats more effectively than any other oxidisation process currently available on the market.
The use of ozone and Perox in harmony increases active oxygen levels in the water. This synergy ensures the safety of your water environment without creating harmful chemical by-products.
The end result is a swimming pool that’s totally chlorine free and enriched with oxygen.


The Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ WATER CARE SYSTEM

Is especially ideal for allergy sufferers, including those who suffer from asthma or skin problems.

As Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ contains no chlorine, bromine or lithium it is like being in clean fresh water.

Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ is kind to both

  • humans and the environment, is gentle on skin, hair and clothing and the freshness can provide a sense of total wellbeing.
  • Pool Owners will not be breathing in chemical fumes using Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ as may be the case with other sanitising systems.
  • Normal dosing is once every week, making Lo-Chlor AquaFresh™ both easy and economical to maintain.