Quick Floc

Focus Quick floc is a concentrated formula that is used for binding together small particulate for removal by the filter media, It works by dropping debris to the bottom of the pool floor for vacuuming to waste.

Active Constituent: Cationic Polymers
Sizes: 1lt

  • Floc’s within 4-6 hours.
  • Fast acting, ready to use and easy to apply liquid formula.
  • Fastest removal suspended particulate for sparkling water.

Waterpolish Plus

Waterpolish Plus is a concentrated formula used to combine small particulate together for collection by the filter media restoring sparkle.

Active Constituent: Poly Clarifier
Sizes: 1lt

  • Clear, sparkling pool water.
  • Easy to apply.
  • pH neutral formula.
  • Compatible with all sanitation systems.
  • Economical.


Bling clarifying tablets assist in the clarification of pool water through binding organic and inorganic wastes together. Bling clarifying tablets are a rapidly dissolving, single dose polymetric clarifier that can be placed directly into the skimmer basket.

Active Constituent: Alumina Salt 2% Boric Acid
Sizes: 60g tablet

  • One shot clarifier.
  • Works on a large range of debris.
  • Easy to use.