Focus Powercide4 4 in 1 Algae Treatment is a multi-tasking product that can be used for the removal of blackspot algae in swimming pools, the clean up of green algae, the clean up of mustard algae, prevention of blackspot, prevention of green algae and winterising.

Active Constituent: Cationic Algicide Benzalkonium Chloride (100g/pl) and Organocopper Complex (50g/pl)
Sizes: 1lt, 5lt, 20lt

  • Regular use will help overcome problems caused by algae which increase chlorine demand.
  • Assists chlorinator cells to cope with increase in demand particularly during Summer.
  • Controls algae, bacteria and fungi in swimming pools and ornamental water.
  • Particularly effective on green, red, brown and black algae.
  • Does not interfere with filter operation.
  • May be used as a long term algicide or winteriser.
  • Algaestat properties help keep algae in a dormant stage.

Algicide 20% Concentrate

This is a specialised complex formulation developed for the destruction and control of algae in all types of swimming pools.

Active Constituent: 200g per litre Quaternary Ammonium Compound
Sizes: 2lt, 5lt, 20lt

  • Supports salt chloritnators without affecting efficiency of salt cell.
  • Suitable for treating green, mustard and pink algae.
  • Contains no metals.
  • Wetting agent helps alter surface tension assisting in repelling ducks.
  • Perfect for green pool clean up.


Focus Hydroclear Algae Treatment is effective against black algae green and brown varieties and can be used as a winteriser in the non-swimming months.

Active Constituent: 60g/l Benzalkonium Chloride 120g/1 Poly Oxyethylene (dimethyliminio) Ethylene (dimethyliminio) Ethylene Dichloride
Sizes: 1lt

  • Effective against black algae green and brown varieties.
  • Easy to use.

Blackspot Granular

A granular Blackspot treatment designed to clear up even the worst case of blackspot from the surface of white plaster, tiled and pebblecrete pools. Easy to use and incredibly strong the granules are directly sprinkled onto the affected area, not only killing the Blackspot you can see but killing the root deep down in the wall to help prevent a recurrence.

Active Constituent: 900g/kg Trichloroisocyanuric Acid
Sizes: 1kg, 50kg

  • Eliminates blackspot easily and quickly including root system
  • Easy to use
  • Slow dissolving so more effective